The world is constantly changing, which brings new improvements and opportunities, but also new threats unfortunately.


EEU GROUP specializes in solving complex problems and challenges, supporting our defense customers to consistently deliver excellence.

Our experienced Consultants with many years of experience in the Polish Military and NATO have specific expertise and excel in providing the skills, capabilities, tools and methodologies needed to identify solutions, including strategy development, architecture and business analysis, engineering and systems modeling.

We help clients understand and manage the implications of the changing geostrategic security landscape for governments, militaries and industry to develop better defense and security solutions.

We offer political and strategic thinking and advice on today’s challenges and the transformation needed to address new threats and risks.


The knowledge and practical experience gained by our Consultants during their military service, foreign military missions and training within NATO, are our key advantage in selecting the appropriate specialized equipment.

We supply special equipment for the army, police and other uniformed services, as well as for industry to protect strategic facilities.

EEU GROUP has all government licenses, certificates, audits and internal control system (WSK) required by law to manage business activities in the field of trading of products for military or police purposes and trading in technology for such purposes.


We use a wide range of analytical techniques and statistical methodologies to fully understand your problem and provide a viable solution.

We use the extensive experience and knowledge of our consultants to conduct strategic business analyzes supporting the implementation of clients’ interests.

We operate in the field of:


Deliveries of weapons and technology for the army and police


Market and competition analysis


International growth strategy


Benefit and risk modeling


Impact analysis on all lines of development


Requirements identification


Strategic planning and anticipatory management


Managing change


Project/program management


Deliveries and training in the field of small unmanned aerial systems and anti-drone systems


Defense logistics


Professional legal assistance by our Low Office in negotiating contracts, preparing tender documents, as well as establishing companies, branches or representative offices of foreign companies in Poland


Representation of companies in Poland and abroad

EEU GROUP quickly and professionally analyzes every possibility of cooperation and offers correct and reliable service.

We focus on providing excellent advisory advice and delivery to both, to the private sector and government clients.




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